Terms and Conditions


We hold a varied selection of bisque with a large selection of children’s items. Prices start from approximately £5.00 per piece, and you may paint as many pieces as you like during your visit.

In addition to the cost of the ceramic item(s) there is a studio fee of £2.75 per child, and £3.75 per adult per visit. The studio fee covers:

  • Unlimited supply of underglaze.
  • Use of all brushes, sponges, stamps, & design aids.
  • Glazing.
  • Firing in our kiln.

All fees are payable before leaving the studio by cheque or cash.


The Crafty Cat Studio reserve the right to discontinue products, to change specifications, or price of its products at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation whatsoever.

All underglazes, glazes, and paints used by The Crafty Cat Studio are water soluble (unless advised otherwise) and as such, the purchaser agrees to assume all liabilities for any and all damages or consequential damages, resulting from use, misuse or accidental spillage, of our products by visitors to the Studio, the event/party organiser, their guests and attendees. The purchaser further agrees that The Crafty Cat Studio shall not be responsible, accountable or liable in any way for bodily injury resulting from the misuse of any equipment supplied by The Crafty Cat Studio for use at your visit, party or event.

The Crafty Cat cannot be held responsible, accountable or liable for any loss or damage to your finished pieces, howsoever caused, once the finished pieces are in the hands of a postal/delivery agent other than an employee of The Crafty Cat Studio.

In the event of loss or damage occurring during the glazing or firing process, The Crafty Cat Studio accepts no responsibility or liability for claims in relation to ‘emotional distress’ or ‘trauma’. The purchaser agrees that The Crafty Cat shall be liable only for the cost of replacement and/or refund to the original value of the item.

In booking The Crafty Cat for your party or event you hereby agree to have read, understood and be bound by our terms and conditions.

Last Updated: 3rd February 2009